Picture Stories

European influences
  • European picture magazines (Russia, Hungary, France)
  • Stefan Lorant: his story as a filmmaker, magazine editor in Budapest, Munich, Berlin, memories of Hitler; conflict with Nazis, imprisonment
  • Anti-fascist approach of Picture Post, support for Churchill
  • European refugee photographers and agents: Kurt Hutton, Felix Man
  • Gerti Deutsch & Kinderstransport children.


Approaches to documentary photography
  • Construction of the picture story
  • Impact of Leica camera
  • Relationship between photographers and writers
  • Kurt Hutton and documenting reality; “Unemployed” picture story
  • Bill Brandt: relationship with realism
  • Women photographers and technicians, portrayal of women (Grace Robertson, “Mother´s Day Off”)
  • Portrayal of deprivation, working class life, the North
  • Treatment of multicultural Britain and the Windrush generation.

Story of “Picture Post”
  • Beginnings, popular success
  • Editorial approach of Stefan Lorant
  • Lorant leaves for US, Tom Hopkinson takes over
  • “Picture Post” support for Beveridge reforms and a State Health Service
  • Sacking of Tom Hopkinson over Korean prisoner photos
  • Decline during 1950s, closure
  • Influence of “Picture Post” photography on modern-day photographers.



PICTURE STORIES includes contributions from leading academics and experts including Prof. Amanda Hopkinson, Prof. Michael Berkowitz, Colin Jacobson, James Hyman and David Hurn.   View contributors.